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Pre-Production Services

We offer the following video production services: Casting, Location Scouting, Film Crew, Video Insurance, Video Permits, Video Equipment Rental, Scheduling, Film Budgeting, and Day-of Producing.

Production Services

We offer the following video production services: Video Director, Camera Operation or Videographer, Cinematographer, Video Lighting, Acting, Sound Recording, Hair and Makeup, Traveling, Video Production Management..

Creative Development and Art Direction

We can help with the following Creative Development and Art Direction services: Creative Brief, Concept Development, Scriptwriting, Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Shot Lists, Video Art Direction, Comprehensive Video Proposal.

Post Production

We offer the following post production services: Video Editing, Audio Mixing, Color Correction, Video Visual Effects, Closed Captioning, Video Titles, Motion Graphics, Logo Animation, Voice Over, Video Encoding, Client Approvals, Video Finishing and Delivery.



Matt is a director, producer and comedian. Before this, he worked in digital advertising as a media planner and product manager. Matt has shot and produced two feature length films, a pilot, many short films, and even more comedy sketches.

On the side, he took comedy classes in Manhattan and began writing and shooting comedy sketches. He's performed in many sketch comedy festivals including the San Francisco Sketchfest, Montreal Sketchfest, and Chicago Sketchfest.


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